Inter Miami CF Making Plans for Lionel Messi’s Debut and Stadium Expansion.

According to owner Jorge Mas, Inter Miami CF is making plans for Lionel Messi to debut on July 21 in a Leagues Cup match against Cruz Azul from Liga MX. Messi, aged 35, expressed his intention to join Miami after leaving Paris Saint-Germain, although the deal has not yet been finalized.

During an extensive interview with a small group of reporters, managing owner Mas clarified that the club will not receive direct subsidies from MLS and confirmed that no rules will be altered to accommodate Messi on Inter Miami’s roster.

Miami intends for Messi, who is currently on vacation in Rosario, to have his debut at DRV PNK Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, against the Mexican team on July 21.

Mas stated that Miami is actively preparing for Messi’s arrival, including expanding the stadium’s capacity by adding around 3,000 seats to reach a total of 22,000. Enhanced security measures will be implemented for players during both home and away games.

Mas told the Miami Herald, “As you may recall, Argentina trained in Miami before they flew over to Doha [for the 2022 World Cup], where we had an opportunity to see some of the Messi mania at our doors on an everyday basis during practice. So, we’re very prepared. We’ve been getting ready for this.”

Messi, the Argentina captain, expressed his eagerness and readiness to take on this new challenge after declining offers to return to Barcelona and join Saudi Arabian club Al Hilal.

Mas believes that Messi’s arrival will have a transformative impact on Major League Soccer and encourages other owners to seize the opportunity. He stated, “I think there will always be a ‘before and after Messi’ when we talk about the sport in the United States. I cannot overemphasize the magnitude of this announcement. Having the world’s greatest player here is something that is significant for our league and for the football ecosystem in the United States… Lionel Messi is coming to this country to win cups and make a difference. I think it’s incumbent upon myself and my partners in the league, the other owners, to seize the moment.”

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